• Pilates Overrides the body’s physiological response to stress on the body. Concentrated and focused breathing initiates the relaxation response and     re-integrates the nervous system for receptivity. 
  • Pilates exercises activate and integrate all the body’s systems to bring students back into an energized, alert state. 
  • Pilates encourages the mind-body connection, self-awareness, self-care and management tools, fosters the importance of mind-body integrity by showing strength and flexibility links to wellness and injury prevention 
  • Exercise has been correlated with improved behaviour, physical fitness and academic achievement.. 
  • Stress damages children’s brains. By placing the brain into a state of homeostasis and balancing the body’s chemistry, organ and electrical systems, exercise can help reduce stress in children and improve their overall experience in early in life. 
  • Exercise such as Pilates can assist in organising brain function for optimal learning. 
  • Exercise raises levels of glucose. Serotonin, epinephrine and dopamine, all chemical messengers known to balance behaviour and inhibit hunger. Chemical messengers present while undergoing stress create “quick fix” behaviour such as overeating and consumption of junk food.
Most parents want the best for their kids, one of the best things you can do is teach your kids body awareness from an early age. In our modern, fast paced world, kids are at risk of developing body issues at a much younger age. Prevention is better than cure. Pilates can help your child holistically in the following ways:.​
  • Improve Spinal Health 
  • Improve Proprioception 
  • Improve Body awareness and control 
  • Improve Concentration by improving core strength 
  • Assist with injury prevention 
  • Improve Strength and Flexibility 
  • Improve Sport Performance 
  • Prevent long term body aches and pains 
  • Teach kids to deal with Stress by encourgaging them to Relax and Breathe properly 
  • Assist with Hypermobility issues